Sunday, September 27, 2015

Washington DC Gabon Embassy Fund Raiser Saturday Night Sunday Elephant Rhino March 2015

Next weekend is my first time participating in the Elephant Rhino March 2015 Washington DC

I will be wearing my David Sheldrick Foundation J. Crew T Shirts and Sweatshirt as I march because David Sheldrick Foundation opened up my heart and a river of tears with their brilliant courageous care to save Elephants and Rhinos from extinction along with other wildlife.

The David Sheldrick Foundation rescues way too many baby elephants many their parents murdered by poaches as well as baby elephants, Rhinos and other animals caught in horrific traps that ravaged their bodies and minds.

Elephants brains are bigger than ours, they cry, they think and feel....Elephants remember...

Dame Sheldrick is amazing and a trailblazer saving orphans and returning them back to the wild.

Watch their videos, sign all petitions and donate.

The David Sheldrick Foundation Opened My Heart A River of Tears Understanding the Elephants of Africa's Plight and Today Met Founders of Wildlife SOS They Rescue India's Abused Tortured Elephants but No Hope of Returning them to the Wild

Wishing them well at this event.  That all their efforts are met with great success.  May G-d continue to bless you both, Kartick and Geeta."  Sharon O'Brien.  

School in Conn to raise awareness and inspire fund raising.  

Katrick is like Indiana Jones of Animal Rescue and Geeta like Mother Teresa of Animal Rescue devoted to rescue and healing but beyond that raising consciousness and a shift in the economic model that breeds animal exploitation and abuses.
tweet: met SOS founders many goal 1 shift economic paradigm breeds exploitation abuse India 

They are brilliant caring and they need support on all fronts.  These beautiful intelligent  animals are so abused they won't be able to return to the wild.  

Bears also are horrifically tortured to force them to dance.  Geeta started ambulance rescue 20 years before this org SOS came to be.

This organization needs support of all kinds so please donate because your donation of any size will help.  

They need a legal team to fight battles in court to win the freedom of Elephants held prisoner in horrifying painful pronged shackles so tight their skin can sometimes grown over them.  Elephants aren't designed to walk on burning hot asphalt.  

You can visit the preserve volunteer stay and help.  

You can buy a T shirt or hat any way any size purchase or donation makes a difference.
Please watch the very brave rescue of Raju!!!!!   Raju has been free 1 year Raju still needs veterinarian care. 

Raju cried will rescued.  

They are beginning to study trauma PTS symptoms in survivor Elephants.

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Kartick Satyanarayan Wildlife SOS Heroic Rescues of Elephants India with Geeta Goal Humane Treatment